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Lesvos provides the opportunity to enjoy different sights and experiences during the year. Throughout the holiday season many people head for the attractive beaches and the inviting sea. Visitors are stunned by the fantastic range of wildflowers and shrubs which carpet the landscape in the spring. This is a great time for walking and seeing the thousands of migratory birds which visit the island. In September and October the daytime temperatures, both on the land and in the sea, are considered by many people to make this the best time to visit.

Life on the island proceeds at a leisurely pace. The islanders are welcoming, friendly and helpful and there is a strong sense of family and community. There is practically no crime, with the police seemingly occupied mainly in checking drivers documents and civil regulations and consents.

Eresos offers traditional Greek life at its best. The focal point is the square or plateia, shaded by plane trees and providing an ideal place to sit and watch the world go by. In the evenings the village becomes a much livelier place, with people dining and relaxing in the restaurants and bars around the square. Visitors can be self-sufficient in Eresos as there are also bakers, butchers, greengrocers, mini-markets and a post office. In common with many Greek island villages there are mobile vendors offering a range of goods including fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. Although in many ways Eresos feels timeless, technology has not passed it by and there are numerous wi fi hot spots.

The village is quite literally at the end of the road as there is no through route. The streets that lead off the square are narrow and well worth exploring on foot. Finding your way around the maze of streets can be a challenge to your sense of direction but you won't get lost for long. You will discover interesting buildings, well-tended gardens and friendly locals happy to respond to your Kalimera or Kalispera. If you walk beyond the village you will find yourself in the countryside, where your only company is likely to be the sheep and goats which graze on the mountainsides.

Less than 4km away is the summer village of Skala Eresou, famous as the birthplace of the lyric poet, Sappho. It is a lively and friendly holiday resort which caters equally well for families, couples and singles. Skala has the best beach on the island, a 2.5 km sandy stretch from which you can safely swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. There is ample space to either peacefully sun bathe or take part in a wide range of water based activities and sports.

Wherever you are on the beach you are within walking distance of Skala's numerous shops, restaurants and bars. A wide range of food is offered in the restaurants including wonderful locally caught seafood. A relaxing way to end the day is to take a seat at one of the beachfront cocktail bars and watch the sun go down. Alternatively you can head for the open air cinema which shows films on general release.

Getting to Lesvos:

From the UK there are direct flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham to Lesvos' airport at Mytilene (MJT).

There are numerous direct flights from European countries to Mytilene, including Austria (Vienna), Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Munich), Holland (Amsterdam), Italy (Rome), Norway (Oslo) and Sweden (Stockholm).

Many airlines fly to Athens and there are between 3 and 7 flights daily to Mytilene from Athens (50 minutes duration).

There are ferries from the Greek mainland and from Turkey to Mytilene as well as ferries from other Greek islands.

Getting from Mytilene to Eresos:

Renting a car is advisable as there is much to see on the island. The owners can recommend a Mytilene based car hire company which has a fleet of new cars and will offer preferential rates. There are a number of other island based hire companies and international fleet operators have offices in Mytilene. There is also a car hire company in Skala Eresou. Pre-booking is recommended and is essential in high season. For those not wishing to hire a car there are taxis available in Mytilene, both at the airport and the seaport.

Recommended and reliable car hire company:  www.rentacarlesvos.gr

Thank you for a lovely and authentic Greek experience. Michlin Villa became a home from home with all its beautiful features and awesomely convenient pool. Absolutely thoroughly enjoyed Skala and the village

The Hoskins Family - USA

We’ve loved every minute in the villa, in the village, with the people of Eresos. Thank you so much for sharing this special place

Barb & George - New Zealand

Sun, beach and wonderful people. This is Lesvos. We have had a very good time here in a beautiful villa

Paulo and friends - Italy

Wonderful villa, lovely island, fab weather and absolutely perfect beach.

Sally, Nigel & Jessica - UK